Group conversations

Boxyn turns multi recipient emails into group conversations

boxyn p m


2 thoughts on “Group conversations

  1. Unable to authenticate with gmail hosted mail domain. Imap enabled at gmail backend. Using ssl 995 and 465 to authenticate but keeps bouncing me out. Other apps that access gmail account are fine such as Cloudmagic.


    1. Thank you for your message. Gmail accounts are set to only authenticate using oAuth by default. We already support this for email addresses ending in or but as your email address is google hosted we are not detecting the oAuth requirement. This is something we will have fixed in the next release. In the mean time you can allow password based login to your account turning on access here: Google refer to this as “allowing less secure apps”, but that is not entirely correct. There is only a risk to your security if the application you are using steals your password. Boxyn will connect using TSL and SSL so your data will not be at risk in transit and we have no way to access your password or email data so they are also secure.


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